Terms and Conditions

1. Ownership of the domain www.wow.pt

HILODI – Historic Lodges & Discoveries, S.A., registered with the single company registration and taxpayer number 513.165.096, with registered headquarter at Rua do Choupelo, 250, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, and a share capital of 4,050,000.00 Euros, RNAAT nº: 567/2020, hereinafter referred to as “WOW” is a Managing Entity of the TOURISM RECREATION COMPANY, identified as “WORLD OF WINE”. The website www.wow.pt is owned by HILODI – Historic Lodges & Discoveries, S.A.
For any information concerning the website www.wow.pt or these General Conditions of Contract and Use (hereinafter shortened as “General Conditions“) you may contact WOW through any of the following means of communication:
• Email: info@wow.pt
Rua do Choupelo, 250 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia
• Telephone: +351 220 121 200 – Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm
The reproduction, transfer, dissemination or data storage of the contents on www.wow.pt without prior written consent are expressly forbidden. You can also purchase your tickets at the World of Wine ticket offices.

2. Object and Scope

These General Conditions aim to define the conditions of the ticket sales for the World of Wine experiences.
Navigation on the website www.wow.pt, as well as the online purchase of any show ticket, implies acceptance of these General Conditions.
WOW reserves the right to change these General Conditions without prior notice, by posting any changes on the website www.wow.pt and make these changes available for consultation at the World of Wine ticket offices.
Tickets sold at tickets.wow.pt and at the World of Wine ticket offices are reserved for private customers.

3. Information and offerings available

WINE EXPERIENCE (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

Dedicated to both amateur and experienced wine enthusiasts, The Wine Experience aims to demystify wine. Join a voyage of discovery through the diverse wine regions of Portugal and explore the richness and diversity of vineyards, soil, climate and grape varieties. Discover the different processes and stages that take place to ensure the best quality from root, vine and grape to glass. Following this experience, with the extra knowledge and understanding, you will feel more confident when ordering wine at any restaurant and what styles work best with certain food.

THE BRIDGE COLLECTION (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

The Bridge Collection is a comprehensive collection of drinking vessels, that shines a light on the stories and customs associated with drinking, it’s daily use and in rituals, commemorations and celebrations. The collection is a journey through time, telling the story of humanity through the evolution of drinking vessels, from earliest civilisations to the present day. With more than 1,800 vessels and glasses on display, the oldest piece in the collection dates back to the year 7000 BC.

PRATA (Porto Region Across the Ages) (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

The Porto Region Across The Ages experience is an excellent starting point to understand the Invictus city of Porto. Shining a light on history, the city’s culture and its people; laying bear its foundations, the setbacks, the conquests, the explorations and wars that have defined Portugal: fortunate, with an identity full of culture and heritage. Before looking for what to see and do in Porto, a visit to PRATA will help to understand the city, its people and its character: full of vigour and energy, affability and resourcefulness.

PLANET CORK (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

Portugal is by far the world’s largest cork producing country, accounting for over 50% of global production, harvested from more than 730 hectares of forest. Explaining and demonstrating how this natural product has changed our lives for the better, Planet Cork brings to life the incredible world of cork, from the ancient exploration of the cork oak to the most varied and avant-garde applications.

PORTO FASHION & FABRIC MUSEUM (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

Visitors will experience the importance of the industry in the development of the northern region, as well as the national economy. The comprehensive journey through time, which recounts the past, reflects on the present and unveils what the future of the industry could be, with a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability.  

THE CHOCOLATE STORY (Classificação etária: > 6 anos)

Embark on a journey across the extraordinary world of chocolate, to find out where it comes from and how it is made. It all begins with a fragile flower, in a remote part of the planet. And follows farming and production methods that have largely remained unchanged for more than 5,000 years. From the cacao plantations to the chocolate manufacturing processes, there is so much to be discovered!

4. Ticket availability and ticket sales

Ticket selection is made in real time. Accordingly, the WOW server informs the Customer in real time on the availability of the tickets when processing the sale.
The completion of the purchase process implies that the Customer acknowledges and expressly accepts these General Conditions. The data recorded by WOW is proof of the set of transactions carried out between WOW and the Customer.
If the purchase is made online, and as soon as a purchase is finished, an automatic email will be sent to confirm the transaction. The sale of tickets for the World of Wine experiences is only definitively concluded and only binds WOW after the sending of the automatic email reply to confirm the transaction (Confirmation Page).
The Confirmation Page and the Electronic Ticket are personal and non-transferable, so any misuse of the same is the sole responsibility of the Costumer.
Duplication or resale of the Confirmation Page or of the Electronic Ticket prevents the access to the experiences.
It is the sole responsibility of the Costumer to confirm the data on the Confirmation Page and on the Electronic Ticket.
The Electronic Ticket is valid upon presentation of the identification document, if requested.
The total amount of the transaction already includes VAT at the legal rate in force.

5. Price
Ticket prices for the World of Wine experiences are shown in Euros.
WOW offers ticket sales for the following experiences and formats:
• Wine Experience
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• Porto Region Across The Ages
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• The Chocolate Story
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• The Bridge Collection
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• Planet Cork
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum
o Adult: 20eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 45eur

• The Pink Palace Museum
o Adult: 25eur
o Child: 9eur
o Family: 55eur

Multi-Experience Tickets
• 2 Multi-Experiences (Valid for 1 month)
o Adult: 34eur
o Child: 15eur
o Family: 72eur

• 3 Multi-Experiences (Valid for 3 months)
o Adult: 45eur
o Child: 18eur
o Family: 95eur

• 5 Multi-Experiences (Valid for 3 months)
o Adult: 65eur
o Child: 27eur
o Family: 135eur

Each experience and format will have tickets available for the following age groups:
• Adult: >13 years old
• Child: > 4 years old
• Infant – Free entry : until 4 years old
• Family: 2 Adults + 2 Children
• Group: > 12 Adults

6. Deadlines for Ticket Validity and Use

Single tickets: these must be used on the date selected for the visit, during the opening hours of the space. These must be used within 48 hours of the purchase.
Multi 2 Experience Tickets: their first use is valid for 6 months from the date of the purchase. Once validated, they must be used entirely within the following 48 hours, otherwise they will expire.
Multi 3 Experience Tickets: their first use is valid for 6 months from the date of the purchase. Once validated, they must be used entirely within the following two months from their first validation, otherwise they will expire.

7. Payment options

Tickets can be purchased at any Ticket Office through Cash payment, Debit Card, Credit Card, MB Way Apple Online Payment, VISA and MasterCard Bank Cards, ATM Reference, MB WAY or online, through VISA and VISA and MasterCard Bank Cards, ATM Reference, MB WAY.

8. Ticket delivery

When purchasing online, the Costumer will receive electronic tickets (in a PDF document sent to the Customer’s email) after payment validation. Customer must then print the Electronic Ticket previously sent by WOW via email.
When purchasing at the World of Wine Ticket Offices, Customer will receive tickets printed at the time of the transaction. Copies of the tickets are not issued, including in the event of loss, theft or robbery.
Security warning: each ticket has an unique barcode. The validity of the tickets is controlled and registered at the entrance, through a barcode reader at the entrance turnstiles. It is not possible for a Costumer to be admitted to an experience more than once with the same ticket. Reproduction of tickets is prohibited. Only the first person to present the ticket will be admitted to the experience, which assumes that this person is the legitimate ticket holder. Keep your ticket in a safe place.
WOW may refuse entry to the event premises when several prints, reproductions, copies or imitations of a ticket are in circulation and when the holder of a print, reproduction, copy or imitation of the ticket has previously been given access to the event premises. WOW is not obliged to verify the identity of the person presenting the ticket to check that such person is actually the purchaser, nor to verify the authenticity of the said ticket. A ticket holder who is not admitted to the venue for any of the reasons mentioned above does is not entitled to a refund.
WOW declines any responsibility for anomalies that may arise during the process of selling or printing electronic tickets, in the event of loss, theft or robbery, or even illegal use of the ticket purchased. In no case will a copy or certificate or a reissued ticket be delivered to Customer, in addition to the e-ticket sent by email to be printed by the Customer.

9. Cancellations, exchanges and reimbursement

Tickets cannot be exchanged and/or reimbursed.
Once the ticket has been purchased, and in event that the Experience ends on the selected date, rescheduling takes place.
Whenever rescheduling is not possible, the price of tickets already sold must be refunded, which must occur within a maximum period of 60 working days after the announcement of the Experience closure.
In the event of an interruption of the visit due to force majeure there is no refunding of the ticket price. Force majeure cases are those resulting from unpredictable events whose effects occur regardless of the will of the WOW, namely, fires, explosions, storms, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and other natural causes that directly prevent visits to venue spaces.
If those cases where a reimbursement of the ticket price takes place, only the Costumer who purchased the ticket can be reimbursed, upon delivery of the physical or electronic ticket.
In no case will there be a refund or payment for any expenses or compensation.

10. Obligations of Customers and Users

Customer and User must respect and comply with these General Conditions. In particular, they shall comply with the following obligations:
1) Refrain from introducing, storing or disseminating through the website any defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic contents and/or any other nature contents which may breach the general principles of law and public order;
2) Not to use false identities;
3) Provide accurate personal data, email and addresses so that WOW can properly process the sale of tickets.
It is thus expressly forbidden to its users to send messages or information that are insulting, misleading, defamatory, obscene or of illegal, defamatory, pornographic, scandalous, or any other content that breaches, in any way, the law, the right to privacy or intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well as the release of any information that may be harmful to third parties or to the website owner. WOW will collaborate with any law enforcement authority which may order the disclosure of the identity of any person who releases such contents.
Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data communicated to WOW.
WOW declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility in the processing of the sale of tickets, due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by Customer, and also declines any responsibility for damage that may arise as a result of using the website www.wow.pt or any other linked websites.
Likewise, no guarantee shall be given that the website access will be uninterrupted or free from errors, viruses or any other harmful material and is not subject to complaints, penalties, damage or expenses that may arise from either its use or incapacity or even from unauthorised access or change of the web address thereof.
WOW reserves the entitlement to make changes and corrections, suspend or close this website when it deems appropriate and without the need for prior notice to any user.
This exemption is not intended to limit the responsibility of WOW, nor to exclude its liability in cases where such liability is legally attributed.

11. Privacy Policy


• Company: HILODI – HISTORIC LODGES & DISCOVERIES, SA • Headquarters: World of Wine – Rua do Choupelo, 39, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, PORTO • Taxpayer and Company registration number: 513 165 096 • Contact for the Data Protection Officer: dpo@fladgatepartnership.pt


The Personal Data Protection Act in force in the Portuguese territory – Lei da Proteção de Dados Pessoais (hereinafter “LDPD”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, hereinafter “GDPR”) ensure the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Under the legal terms “personal data” means any information, of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable individual, hence the protection does not cover the data of companies or entities.
Upon acceptance of this Privacy Policy the user gives his informed, express, free and unambiguous consent so that the personal data provided through the website www.wow.pt are included in a file under the responsibility of WOW, whose processing under the terms of LPDP and of GDPR complies with appropriate technical and organizational security measures.
WOW maintains a database with the registration of its Costumers. The data included in this database are only the data provided by Costumers at the time of their registration, being collected and processed automatically, under the terms approved by the Portuguese Supervisory Authority for Data Protection (Comissão Nacional para a Proteção de Dados – CNPD), by WOW, as the entity responsible for the corresponding records. There will be no information requested based on philosophical beliefs or political party or union, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnic origin, as well as health and sexual life data, including genetic data.
WOW will not transfer personal data provided for through the website or collected at the ticket offices to outside the European Economic Area (EEA), without the prior consent of the data provider.


The personal data we process through the website and collect at the ticket offices will only be used for the following purposes:
(i) Ticket sales;
(ii) Communication with Costumers;
(iii) Processing requests for information and potential complaints;
(iv) Statistical analysis activities;
(v) Direct marketing communications (if you have consented to the processing of your personal data for this purpose);
(vi) Preventing and fighting fraud;
(vii) Conducting satisfaction surveys;
WOW guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its Costumers.
When collecting personal data, unless the fields indicate otherwise, the user will be able to voluntarily make personal data available, and his/her lack of response will not imply a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services ( unless it is otherwise indicated). However, not replying to the mandatory data will imply the impossibility of accessing the service for which the data was requested.
If you do not agree with the conditions set forth above, WOW will not be able to contact with the user through the website www.wow.pt or to conclude the sale at the ticket offices.


In order to be able to comply with the purpose of this website, WOW will transfer your personal data to other entities, which will then process such data for the following purposes:
• Issuance of tickets (when there is the need to identify the Costumer);
• Management activities and processing of payments;
• Reply to requests for information and possible complaints;
The entities to which WOW will transfer your personal data, processing such data pursuant to the above mentioned terms, will have the following nature:
• Entity issuing the show tickets;
• Entities for the management and processing of payments;
• Entities for the management of complaints and information;


WOW declares to have implemented and will continue to implement security measures of technical and organisational nature necessary to ensure the safety of personal data provided by Customers in order to avoid alteration, loss, unauthorised processing and /or access, taking into account the current state of technology, the nature of the data held and the risks to which the data are exposed.
WOW guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its Costumers, either in the registration as in the process of buying/ordering products or services. The collection and processing of data is carried out in a safe manner and prevents its loss or manipulation.
Personal data are dealt with the level of protection legally required to guarantee their safety and prevent unauthorised alteration, loss, processing or access, considering the state of the technology, with the user being aware and accepting that the implemented security measures in an Internet environment are not impregnable.
Whenever accessing any personal data, WOW is committed to:
• Store the data by means of legally enforceable security measures, of technical and organisational nature, which guarantee their safety, thus avoiding unauthorized alteration, loss, processing or access, in accordance with the state of technology at any time, the nature of the data and the potential risks to which such data are exposed;
• Use the data exclusively for the previously defined purposes;
• Transfer the data only to the above mentioned entities and for the purposes provided for in this policy.
• Guarantee that the data is processed only by employees whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the service and who are obliged to the duty of secrecy and confidentiality. If there is a possibility that the information may be disclosed to third parties, they must maintain due confidentiality in accordance with the provisions herein.


Pursuant to the provisions in the Personal Data Protection Act in force in the Portuguese territory – Lei da Proteção de Dados Pessoais (hereinafter “LDPD”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, hereinafter “GDPR”) the user can exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, right to erasure (right to be forgotten), limitation, right to object and portability at all times, by requesting any of the following means described below. If you wish, at any time, to stop being part of the WOW database, you can exercise this right through these contacts:
• Post mail: HILODI – HISTORIC LODGES & DISCOVERIES, SA – NIPC: 513165096 – World of Wine – Rua do Choupelo, 39 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, PORTO
• Email: dpo@fladgatepartnership.pt
• Telephone: +351 220220220 – Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm


Under legal terms, the data provider is entitled to lodge a complaint regarding the protection of personal data to the competent supervisory authority, the Portuguese Supervisory Authority for Data Protection – Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD).

12. Use of cookies at www.wow.pt

Cookies are small text files sent by the websites you visit and which are stored on your computer. They are widely used for the operation of websites, or to increase their efficiency, as well as to provide information to website owners.
WOW uses cookies to collect information on how visitors use its website. Cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors, the websites from which they come and the pages they have visited.
Visitors to our website use different search programs and different computers. In order to make your queries as easy as possible, with the technology you are using, we automatically note the type of search program (such as, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and operating system (Windows, Macintosh) used by visitors, as well as the domain name of the visitor’s internet service provider. We also collect the total number of visitors to our website, jointly to allow us to update and improve it in the most productive way; in this process, no personally identifiable information is extracted. This data allows us to know if there are more visitors to prefer certain functions or areas, thus contributing to keep our website updated and interesting for the majority of our visitors.
Cookie technology helps us to deliver content tailored to the interests of our visitors. Sites that offer online purchases use cookies to register and process the items on your purchase card. Whenever authorised, we may associate personal information with a cookie file in such circumstances. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can configure your computer to notify you whenever you receive a cookie or to disable all cookies through your search program. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to access some of the functions listed above.

13. Copyright and Property Rights

The content of the website www.wow.pt, including images, text, advertising, audio, video or other materials, is protected by Copyright and Related Rights, under the general terms of the law and by national and international legislation for Intellectual Property Protection, and it is not permitted to display, reproduce, modify or transfer the contents of the website in any way, whether for public or commercial purposes, without the prior and express written consent of HILODI – Historic Lodges & Discoveries, S.A.
The authorised usage by law is exempted from this prohibition, provided that its origin is clearly identified. Some parts of the website may contain images or videos protected by the copyright of their suppliers.
The use of this website for illegal purposes or any other purpose that may be harmful to the image of HILODI – Historic Lodges & Discoveries, S.A. is expressly forbidden.

14. Governing Law

These General Conditions are subject to the Portuguese law. All ticket purchases made on the website www.wow.pt are subject to the Portuguese legislation. In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation, application, execution, termination of the said purchases shall be referred to Arbitration to the Consumer Information Centre in Oporto – Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto.
Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225 Oporto
Telephone: +351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91 | Fax: +351 22 502 61 09
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