Blind chocolate tasting + Dinner at Golden Catch

14th February - 7pm

Offering a box of Vinte Vinte bonbons, inviting to dinner, sharing a bottle of wine, are ancient seduction techniques that have been proven to work. We have therefore taken the liberty of concluding that "Love is Enlarging".

This Valentine's Day, feed the passion and join WOW´s programme that we propose to enjoy as a couple, of course.

60€ per person - tasting, dinner + live music

15th Anniversary of Croft Pink

Valentines Dinner PIP by Croft Pink

It was fifteen years ago, on Valentine's Day, that Croft surprised the traditional Port wine world with the launch of the first Rosé port, Croft Pink. Pip Restaurant, located in Croft's former visitor centre, will be the perfect venue to celebrate the 15th anniversary.
Croft Pink invites everyone who will dine at Pip on this special day, to visit the Pink Palace which will be fully dedicated to Croft Pink. The versatility, irreverence and joy of the first rose Port wine will be evident in the various spaces of this fun experience. Can we count on you?

Beginning of the experience*: 7pm
Start of dinner: 8pm


Musical performance:

Guitar/saxophone duo: Hugo Ferreira/ João Guimarães

Time: 7:30pm - 10pm

Golden Catch. The sea at your table.

Taking advantage of Portugal's enormous coastline, The Golden Catch brings together the treasures of the sea and the land. The most traditional fish and seafood are served with a modern twist.

You can select your favourite fish and accompanying vegetables, a delicious array of potatoes and a variety of sauces.

1828. The best meat in the world.

The best meat in the world arrived in Portugal by the hand of 1828.

El Capricho is known for the "best meats in the world", sourced from old oxen, rigorously selected and free-range, with the same time and respect with which the meat is then prepared and matured.

Musical performance:

Harp solo: Catarina Rebelo

Time: 7:30 pm - 10 pm

Baron Fladgate. A singular experience.

Barão Fladgate restaurant offers you a fantastic location and a unique setting in the Port Wine cellars with a magnificent view over the Douro River and the historic centre of Porto. It also offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional cuisine with an emphasis on the use of fresh local ingredients, a showcase of authentic Portuguese flavours.

Musical performance:

Harp solo

Time: 7:30pm- 10pm

Mira Mira. If it's fashionable, it's in Mira Mira.

The Mira Mira restaurant is located on the top floor of Porto & Fashion Museum. It is a restaurant of high cuisine, whose menu is prepared with strict nutritional care and meticulous choice of ingredients. In addition, and for the flavour parade to be more fun, the concept is based on sharing.

DJ set:

DJ Sérgio Oliveira (Bernardo Braga/ Amanda)

Time: 7.30 pm to 11.30pm

Root & Vine. Flexitarian is real.

In addition to Root & Vine delicious vegetarian dishes, we have partnered with renowned Subenshi, who share our passion for choosing raw ingredients and a wide variety of products, resulting in an above-average palette of colours and flavours.

T&C. Typical Portuguese cuisine.

The flavours are genuinely Portuguese and the dishes will comfort any stomach. The highlight of the menu is the francesinha with port wine sauce, in traditional or vegetarian versions.

T&C is located in a renovated Port wine cellar. The concept does it justice, both in the decoration and the menu.


Musical performance:

Guitar/saxophone duo: Ricardo Alves/ Afonso Silva

Time: 7:30pm - 10pm


VP. Relaxed, yes, but of a very serious quality.

The best view of the Douro is not the only incredible thing to discover at VP. This Valentines Day there will be a delicious menu to share with the one you love most.


Musical performance:

Vocal/guitar duo: Marta Vilaça/ Gabriela Azevedo

Time: 7:30pm - 10pm

Angel's Share. The best bar in town


It is already known that love for wine and complicity with the view of Porto are a given at Angel's Share. To spice up the formula, on Valentine's Day we will raise the bar: there are special cocktails that can be considered true passion potions and that can be tasted to the sound of the piano.

Musical performance:

Piano solo: Clara Lacerda

The perfect chocolate to offer this Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day box of bonbons, is full of delicious chocolates in different flavours.

Among them are the white chocolate and passion fruit, awarded with the Silver Medal by the Academy of Chocolate Awards, which in this limited edition are red and heart-shaped.

How to get to WOW

By car: Rua do Choupelo, 39, Gaia, Portugal

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By metro: Line D (Yellow) | Stop: General Torres

By bus: N# 901 & 906 STCP | Stop: Choupelo

By boat: Douro River Ferry | Ribeira - Cais de Gaia