Commented tastings at The Wine School

Accompanied Tasting - 3/5 Wines

Personalised tasting for each customer. With a presentation and detailed explanation of each wine, its differences, and particularities. 

Prices: € 18 and € 26 respectively.

Wine Pairing with Chocolate Truffles or Wine Pairing Cheese

A brief explanation of the basics of wine pairing. With the presentation of two chocolate truffles from Vinte Vinte paired with wine or a selection of three kinds of cheese with the perfect wine pairings.

Prices: €18 and €24 respectively.

Uncorking Port Wine - Level II

This is a tasting for all those who want to discover the magic of Port Wine and are curious to learn more about one of the world's most exquisite drinks. 

Price: €35

Privatising Tastings

Both the Workshop and Commented Tasting concepts can be privatised per group, outside the scheduled times of the Wine School. The cost of each session will be added to the unit price of that privatisation, indexed to the number of participants.
- Privatisation for groups up to 12 people (inclusive);
- Privatisation for groups up to 25 People (inclusive);
- Privatisation for full space, half day and full day.

For more information on PRIVATE SESSIONS, please contact the wine school at