Masterclass & Thematic Tastings

Old Vines, The Douro DNA

April 6th at 7pm

With André Barbosa, Poças

This is a tasting that explores the characteristics of the traditional old vineyard of the Douro, why it is so special, and its unquestionable value.
André Barbosa, from Poças, will be conducting this tasting. A brand that has distinguished itself by its innovative and creative character, never forgetting its history and tradition, through the revival of old recipes or simply by reformulating the old recipes or simply reformulating the consumption experience.
By believing in and defending the uniqueness of the Douro vineyards, Poças seeks to preserve and grow these areas of old vines through careful management, using natural regulation mechanisms.

You will be greeted with a curious Portuguese Vermouth, and then we move on to the room with the presentation of 8 “living” proofs of the excellence of Vinha Velha.

A great white to welcome you to the School, in our next Thematic Tasting. We move on to the room accompanying this theme with the tasting of 6 wines to make us travel and discover this new facet of Alentejo and Cortes de Cima.