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The Wine School
at WOW

The Wine School at WOW holds regular workshops and tastings designed for those curious about wine, wine connoisseurs and professionals.

Designed to offer as much information as possible, in a digestible way, the Wine School is the perfect place to learn all about Portuguese wine, and also about wine in general in an international context.

We seek to offer tasting and learning sessions to customers who are looking to learn about wine in a more relaxed environment. The wines can be accompanied by small food moments, with some unique wine pairings designed by our team of wine educators.

The Wine School also offers exclusive and personalised tasting experiences with exceptional wines, all in a private environment. These tastings can be adapted to individual interests.

Get to know more about wine

WSET Courses

The WSET courses are internationally recognised as the highest level of education in the wine industry. The Wine School at WOW has level I & II courses.

Specialised Portuguese wine modules can be added to each course level


"Demystifying" is a set of workshops made for those curious about wine, from the amateur to the expert. We seek to demystify wine from something complex to something fun to learn - we'll explain the concepts, terminology, characteristics, and flavours.

Walk-in Experiences

The Wine School also seeks to offer tasting and learning sessions to clients seeking to learn about Portuguese wines in a more relaxed atmosphere. A pure wine accompanied tasting can be arrange or alternatively the wines can be accompanied by small moments of food and wine pairings, designed by our Wine Educators.

Private Tastings

In addition to regular workshops and specialised themed tastings, the Wine School offers exclusive, personalised tastings with exceptional wines led by a Senior Wine Educator. These tastings take place in a private setting, offering maximum expert attention.

Masterclasses & Thematic Tastings

Thematic Tastings are a unique opportunity to participate in in-depth sessions led by industry experts - producers, winemakers and other wine industry stakeholders. These themed and specialised tastings explore various topics in detail and are a rare opportunity to taste exclusive wines that will enhance the experience and learning.

Personalising Tastings

Both the Workshop and Tasting can be held in a private group setting, outside the scheduled times of the Wine School. The cost of each session will be adjusted to the number of participants in each session:
- Private session for groups of up to 12 People (inclusive)
- Private session for groups of up to 25 persons (inclusive)
- Private sessions for full, half, and full days are available.

For more information on Personalising Tastings please contact the wine school at


+351 220 121 226

Rua do Choupelo, 39
4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal